Athena Taddei

Athena Taddei has been successfully impacting companies through her expertise in marketing and business development for over 20 years, but is best known for DESIGNING AMAZING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES, through her company, Little Fish Big Pond Inc. This unique approach has won her many opportunities to work with companies from top to bottom and from inside-out, to create sustainable corporate cultures, effective employee ambassador programs, processes, sales and customer service training, branding, design, and custom digital solutions, from a customer’s perspective.

Through her successful journey as a third generation entrepreneur, Athena also discovered that most small companies are more in love with what they sell, than how to sell and run a company. This led her to develop a product owned by Little Fish Big Pond, called The Fish Tank. This all-in-one, CRM and Business Management Tool helps small businesses work ON and IN their businesses at the same time, in the simplest and most efficient way possible without any cryptic charts or graphs to figure out. It provides instant, real-time data reports on client demographics, sales pipeline, cash flow at-a-glance, and project management at the click of a button. With Little Fish as her focus, she even designed The Fish Tank with a process in mind, so clients can confidently understand their businesses quicker and easier, enabling them to DELIVER AMAZING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES.


“Living Your Strategic Plan” Thursday 3:00pm – 4:30pm May 4th