Kaouthar Darmoni (PhD) is Assistant Professor in Gender & Media, department of ‘Media Studies’ at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). She is the founder and director of ‘Kaouthar Feminine Capital & Goddess Belly Dance’ in Amsterdam where she teaches women empowerment and Goddess Belly Dance with passion and dedication. Kaouthar is regularly featured as a keynote speaker at some of the largest conferences, as well as being on television, radio, and various internet programs. In addition to being the cover story in many magazines and newspapers as NRC, Volkskrant, Opzij, Utopia, Psychologie, Red, Jan, Cosmopolitian, Margriet, Libelle, and more.

Lead by her passion for the oldest women dance in the world, the Goddess Dance, she thoroughly investigates the many aspects of this ancient art. By traveling to various Middle Eastern and North-African countries and through gender research, observation and practice, she developed her own concept, ‘Feminine Capital & Goddess belly Dance’, a unique women empowerment mixture based on brain/gender theories and body/arab dances.

Kaouthar is passionate about creating bridges of communication and exchange between both Western and Arab cultures, using the spirit of the music and the dance. Her wish is to preserve and present these ancient goddess dances before they disappear, due to modernisation and/or fundamentalism. It’s a valuable human heritage that must be saved from extinction!

Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni’s Sessions: