Kate Hodgson is a master storyteller who believes that everyone has a story to share. She is the founder of 9to5 Narrative, a communications consultancy that offers individual story coaching and group workshops designed to help professionals discover and develop personal experiences into compelling narratives.  As a member of the Centre for Social Innovation, Kate has helped other social innovators, entrepreneurs, and C-suite Executives craft powerful narratives from their unique life story in a way that naturally engages and connects with their audience. Clients of 9to5 Narrative include the Ontario Government, Avanti Women, and Rouge Valley Hospital.

Companies have benefited from customized storytelling workshops and programs that focus on how to share stories to make connections between staff, promote organizational values, and improve greater understanding of communication goals.  Kate is also the producer of the 9to5 Narrative program, a live storytelling show that features the personal stories of professionals and individuals. Kate has also enjoyed working with entrepreneurs and other speakers, including for Ted Talk, to coach them to be their best in front of their audience.  Her latest project includes working with One Laptop Per Child, traveling to remote indigenous communities across Canada to teach local youth how to use technology to capture and express their culture and language by creating their own digital narratives. Kate has performed in shows such as True Stories Told Live, Raconteurs, Awkward, Confabulation and Dare, as well as performing at The Moth in Detroit. Her background includes Toastmasters, Second City improv, and stand-up comedy. She holds an Honours BA from Guelph University in Art and Culture. In pursuit of her degree, Kate studied in France for a year and is fluently bilingual.  She holds a certified training professional designation from OISE at U of T.  Kate draws upon both her education in adult learning and personal performance experiences to help others create their unique stories.


“What’s Your Story? Craft a Compelling Founders That Inspires Others Friday 2:30pm – 4:00pm May 5th