rone de beauvoir photo     Roné de Beauvoir is a modern day Renaissance woman with success as a Celebrity Chef, International Award Winning Speaker, Author, Brand Strategist, Independent Filmmaker, Empowerment Lecturer, Entrepreneur and Global Humanitarian with a passion for outreach to the world’s most impoverished citizens. The Domestic DIVA has lived in 22 countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Japan, Indonesia, Africa and Malaysia to name a few – and is known for her Savoir-faire in the world of global cuisine. Her food company Omega Farm Foods, produces gourmet food and beverage products distributed in countries in Europe, US, Middle East and soon in Asia. She is also Founder/CEO of JOY LUXE IPTV, a new exciting android based television platform that delivers diverse and highly personalized content to your home TV through a broadband or WIFI Internet connection in Africa, Europe, USA and various parts of Asia and soon the Middle East. As a Fashion Designer, she creates luxury custom made python, crocodile and ostrich handbags in various designs and colors with a sleek modern and elegant style to meet the demands of today’s global women in business and the socialite jet setting super star. Corporately as a Brand Strategist/Consultant Roné consults businesses and entrepreneurs how to build powerful brands that will resonate with their target market providing visual elegance and tremendous visibility. Hailed as European Business Woman of the Year in October 2007 (BIBA Awards), and IOC Guirlande d’ Honneur Film Awards in October 2002; she has received, countless additional awards for outstanding achievement and business development over the past twenty years.


“12 Ways to Use Live Streaming: Create Opportunities & Win Clients” Thursday 3:00pm – 4:30pm May 4th