Sarah Scott

Before founding Barlow Books, Sarah Barlow Scott was a journalist for three decades. She was a political reporter at The Montreal Gazette during a tumultuous time when Quebec was deciding whether to separate from Canada. Following that, she wrote for most of Canada’s national magazines. She won two silver medals at the National Magazine Awards, plus a dozen other writing awards in Canada and the United States. Sarah has also helped leading thinkers write groundbreaking books for major publishers. She worked with Internet guru Don Tapscott on his book Grown Up Digital, which won favorable reviews from The Economist and The New York Times. She also helped Dr. Peter Singer and Dr. Abdallah Daar write their inspiring book on global health, The Grandest Challenge. Sarah’s deep experience as a journalist drives her work as a book publisher. Her extensive national network of major media figures can help authors publicize their books, their mission and their brand.


“Living Your Strategic Plan” Thursday 3:00pm – 4:30pm May 4th