Sharon is an experienced consultant, speaker and adult educator specializing in leadership, strategy and transformational change. She has unique skills as a business strategist leveraging research in human behaviour and organizational dynamics to help clients achieve transformational breakthroughs.

With a Bachelor of Education from Brock University, Sharon began teaching business leadership programs based on the work of Stephen Covey. This early experience drove a lifelong interest in human behaviour and organizational dynamics, and finding ways to link them to bottom-line business results.

Sharon undertook graduate research in entrepreneurship, adult education and the science that informs this new economy, complexity. Using this learning and insight, she has helped clients achieve previously impossible aspirational and business outcomes.

In her work with clients, Sharon simplifies complex and seemingly impossible business problems by providing clients with practical, easy-to-use tools that improve their results exponentially.


“The Upside of Crazy – How to Win When Your World Turns Upside Down” Thursday 3:00pm – 4:30pm May 4th