Alliances & Affiliates

Alliances & Affiliates

“The Professional Women’s Network (PWN) is a Canadian-based non-profit organization, currently with chapters in Vancouver and Calgary and growing globally, focused on assisting business women to:

  • Connect easily with one another and with key male business contacts

  • Refer business to one another where appropriate

  • Develop and leverage strong business relationships with other women and with men

  • Increase profile and profitability; and

  • Contribute to the success of other business women”

“WBE Canada is a non-profit organization, led by corporate members, that is opening doors to new supply chains. It certifies firms that are at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by women and introduces them to opportunities with corporations. The organization also partners with governments, women’s business centres and other women communities across Canada. In addition to certification, WBE Canada delivers education, training, coaching and mentoring programs that ramp up the capacity of women business owners to bid successfully on large procurement opportunities.”

“Enterprising Women with headquarters in Cary, North Carolina, USA is the nation’s only women-owned magazine published exclusively for women business owners that chronicles the growing political, economic and social influence and power of entrepreneurial women. The magazine provides a friendly meeting place, a public forum and a national stage for the critical issues confronting women’s businesses and daily lives from the unique perspectives and experiences of entrepreneurial women. Published in both print and digital editions, the online edition of the magazine reaches one million readers in 185 countries.”

“Many networking events are impersonal and intensely sales driven. You may leave with a lot of business cards – but no real connections. CAWEE is different. We are dedicated to helping you build valuable, lasting relationships that will strengthen your business now and in the long-term. As a diverse, welcoming collective of successful professional women, CAWEE enables you to build your resource base, improve your networking skills, and make valuable connections that last.”

Affiliates | WOWOB Scottsdale social business Network | Vancouver Langley Surrey 2019 | Barbara Mowat EXCELerate 2020

WOWOB, headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ – is a social business network committed to letting the world know that there is a difference when a woman owns a business.  WOWOB is an advocacy network committed to encouraging communities to support this difference by supporting a WOWOB, as well as lending visibility to a WOWOB business.  WOWOB participants will have their business listed on the online WOWOB business directory.

Affiliates | Emma Jane Taylor Coaching Mentoring | Vancouver Langley Surrey 2019 | Barbara Mowat EXCELerate 2020

SHEnetWORKS UK is for women who have a strong desire to support each other, whether that be in business or in personal situations. This social networking group will develop new relationships and continue to focus us all on how support and networking is key to our success and that working together gives us a strong and purposeful meaning to our life. SHEnetWORKS is a great platform for ALL women in business and continues to give us hope and passion for living a positive life.