Emma-Jane Taylor is an Entrepreneur running a series of lifestyle businesses. She is the Founder and Managing Director of 3 companies in the UK and is the face of the Wellbeing Show on That’s TV. She currently develops professional and personal lives as a mentor and offers management training to her own team in the UK of 40+ employees. She has evidence-based leadership skills for women in all areas of business life and does not hold back on any opportunity. She speaks regularly at Leadership Events and networks her way around the world. She launched SHEnetWORKS Empowering Women Events in the UK to encourage women to collaborate. She is well known for her sharp focus to giving better opportunities and higher platforms for women all over the world. With her laser like attention to detail she ensures her ambition is driven by her passion to give those in her network opportunities.

Emma-Jane is publishing her motivational tool book, Don’t Hold Back, in 2018. The publication is to guide those feeling stuck in the web of life back to a strength that will give more than just possibility. Her client list is hugely extensive. She uses her own personal journey to educate and strengthen those around her and loves Co-Chairing GroYourBiz in the UK.