Gratitude to our EXCELerate 2017 Attendees. Thank you for your Accolades!

“Dear Barbara, today is Memorial Day in the US and I have prepared an urgent to do list, where your name and the thank you for the impressively organized meeting was the first line. If we reconstruct the entire meeting the conclusion is overwhelming: demonstration of the power and business leadership role of highly educated women in our society today both in the western democracies including indigenous people, as well as in the entire world from Africa, India and in the war torn nations in the middle and Far East was very successful. Thank you and your very capable associates to put together this magnificent, global program demonstrating role of education, risk taking, proud self-confidence, trustworthiness and that of hard, hard work which resulted in many successful businesses pioneered by woman. All that was silently and very professionally articulated, without sarcasm and cynicism, and did not downgrade the traditionally male CEO role in the business world today. You also very successfully exemplified the uplift and young talent support of very recent immigrants to Canada with the beautiful poesy of an orphan high school girl and with the 27 year old CEO with the automated, computerized camera system for detecting skin cancer, who just graduated from UBC. Recognizing, attracting talent and supporting their free inventions regardless of national origin, made our North American continent a world leader in science, medicine and business today and will warrant the continuous leadership for future generations. Such future generations will proudly recognize the role their mothers in their families as well as in the business world.”

– Dr. Aladar Szalay PhD. CEO, Stemimmune Inc.

“I had a riot at Excelerate, and if there is anything I can do for you or your patrons ongoing please don’t hesitate to ask.”

– Dan Sutton, Tantalus Labs

“I have been a delegate and speaker at many, many, many conferences but this one is I have to say is the best I have been to. When I first looked at the itinerary I could not wrap my head around why you would choose such world wide speakers to talk about things larger than us small businesses but it wasn’t long after the speakers began on Wednesday evening that I became so deeply inspired and then even more so as the next two days passed.”

— Athena Taddei, Little Fish Big Pond Inc.

“I was thrilled to both participate in and present at EXCELerate 2017. As a business owner, it is hard to justify the time to attend a conference. However, this conference surpassed my expectations. I learned a great deal, gained many new business connections and walked away feeling very inspired.”

– Ann Gomez, Clear Concept Inc.

“What captivated me the most was stories, stories of the speakers, the delegates, the businesses, the products….The journeys that have brought them to this point. The challenges, the trials, struggles, successes, along their way, made up who they are as much as their perseverance, their belief in themselves, their “just do it” –ism.”

— Jacey Chang-Lagadyn, Self Care-Free Inc.

“There is no question that this was once again one of the most captivating conferences that I have attended—with not only one good idea—but many. It is wonderful how the panels all have different points of view that foster challenging perhaps our previous opinions or at the very least give us more information to have an informed opinion. Our team thought it was time well spent indeed!”

— Diane McCurdy, McCurdy Financial

“Thanks Barb Mowat and EXCELerate2017 for a brilliant conference bringing together so many who are committed to advancing women’s entrepreneurship.”

— Amanda Ellis, East West Center

“Thoroughly enjoyed the conference and learnt so much from amazing thought leaders, high quality panel speakers. It is refreshing to see that as we continue to grow as women entrepreneurs we are impacting the quality of lives of ours, our family and the community at large. Thank you for putting together an exceptional conference that can have a far larger reach in the future. It was definitely worth the long distance travel and excited to grow GroYourBiz in the UK.”

— Tasneem Virani, Claris Coaching

“There is nothing more powerful than inspiration. A wonderful conference to learn, meet other entrepreneurs, share your story and be inspired to achieve your goals. Amazing!!”

— Kenda Haga, Editor Agency

“This expert group of panelists gave a wealth of advice to the audience—the clear and incisive responses made my job as moderator so much easier! Kudos to Barbara for arranging this, and to the panel for an excellent session!”

— Peter Hall, Vice President & Chief Economist, Export Development Canada

“After 3 days with amazing business women from around the world, I am truly inspired and empowered. Thank you Barbara Mowat and GroYourBiz.”

—Trish Mandewo, Vancouver Tumblebus

“Wow what a powerful three days of speakers, workshops, networking and collaboration.”

— Hanne Madsen, GroYourBiz White Rock/Surrey

“An absolutely outstanding conference. It was world class. The quality of speakers was the best. It was also a very worthwhile event for me. I was able to sell some tests and make some connections that may prove valuable. I really appreciate your encouragement and support to attend.”

— Lois Nahirney, dnaPower Inc.

“Amazing event as always!!!”

— Marla Kott, Imprint Plus

“Wow, what a fantastic event last week. While it is advertised for entrepreneurs it is really an inspiring event for business women of all ages and positions. What an incredible line up of guest speakers.”

— Maryellen Wood, Western Union Business Solutions

“I am feeling inspired, educated and frankly blown away by the many amazing women and men that we encountered over the three days. What a fantastic and first-class event! It so exceeded any expectations that I had and I have been passing the word around at BMO that we should be very proud to be the presenting sponsor at this event.”

— Krista Sears, BMO Bank of Montreal

“Thank you so much for including me in your awesome conference! The people in my session were so amazing.”

— Roger Haskett, Engagement Unlimited

On Wednesday reception: “Such an inspiring panel!! It really brought “Think Global. Act Local.” home in a whole new way. It is easy to forget that we can make an impact on even the biggest global challenges facing all of us. In fact, in light of how connected our world is, we must do that. I am motivated and excited to learn more about the SDG’s and how Light-Core can make a difference! Thanks so much for such inspiration!”

— Sharon Gilmour-Glover, Light-Core Inc

“There was no shortage of A-ha! moments from beginning to end. This conference helped me make up my mind about my direction and sent me home with renewed purpose and plans. THANK YOU!!”

— Sherry Robb, Sooke Media

“I thought it might be impossible to top EXCELerate 2015 – but BAM! you did it again!”

— Isabel Banerjee, Encore Catalyst

“The 2017 EXCELerate Conference exceeded my expectations. The plenary sessions alone were worth the fee … the level of speakers gathered— and their synergy—was absolutely brilliant. Regarding the break-out sessions: Ann Gomez’s session, ‘Focus Your Time to GroYourBiz: Personal Productivity for Busy People’, blew my socks off with its relevance and practical applications. Her book, ‘The Email Warrior’, is easy to read and the tips within it are easy to implement. Wow!”

— Kathleen Rake, Click Media Works

“Great opportunity to learn and connect!”

— Anonymous

“Great speakers and attendees. Thank you!”

— Anonymous

“The speakers, panelists, food, and gala were all superb. I have learned so much and have so many ideas that I can implement today to help grow my business.”

— Anonymous

“Super organized, great energy, variety and well attended.”

— Anonymous

“Exceptional conference!! The content, quality and quantity of speakers, venue, scheduling, are all exceptional. It is engaging and motivating, and I don’t know of any other event where you’d have the opportunity to hear from so many “keynote” speakers.”

— Anonymous

“Excellent location, food, really enjoyed the Plenary sessions. Met some wonderful women in business.”

— Anonymous

“Inspiring, amazing speakers, I learned many new things, great energy.”

— Anonymous

ACCOLADES FROM 2015 & 2017