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Hotel Reservation


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The Pan Pacific Hotel is the event facility for EXCELerate 2020: GroYourBiz with the Speed of Collaboration.

Special guest room rates have been secured for EXCELerate 2020 at the Pan Pacific Hotel located in downtown Vancouver. Enjoy views of the coastline, distant mountains, and Stanley Park, plus easy access to all of the best things to do in Vancouver.

Just as a reminder, your guestrooms are being held until Monday, April 27, 2020. As your Reservations are being made on an individual basis, please advise your attendees of the contact information for our Reservations Office:

Reservations ID:EXCE0520 (Please quote to the Reservations Agent)
Reservations Direct Phone:604-662-3223
Reservations Direct Fax:604-895-2469
Toll-Free Numbers:1-800-663-1515 (Canada)/ 1-800-937-1515 (USA)
Reservations ID:
EXCE0520 (Please quote to the Reservations Agent)
Reservations Direct Phone:
Reservations Direct Fax:
Toll-Free Numbers:
1-800-663-1515 (Canada)/ 1-800-937-1515 (USA)
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