“Sustainable Solutions: Doing little things in a Big Way—It’s Up to Us!”

Moderator:  Leann Hackman-Carty, Author of “Master Your Disaster”—Gleaned from years of experience with disaster recovery organizations, she has specialized insight with the different levels of disaster preparation and recovery.

Sponsored By: Waste2Wear

No one knows what tomorrow holds, but everyone has an interest in making this world a better place.  Women and Youth are leading the way in creating Smart Solutions for Sustainable Success, as we address Climate Action / World Floods/ Mental Health / Peace & Security / Racism and much more.

The impact of our global problems will require enterprises and individuals to act in new ways. This session highlights how some leaders are making a difference — whether it’s taking action to save our planet from pollution, world floods, or fostering mental health in a way that impacts generations positively. Please join us for a discussion on global concerns and solutions to protect our world’s most climate-vulnerable communities. Our panel will share their passions and progress in a way that will inspire you to think differently about your business plan and corporate responsibility.  We all want to grow…we all want to help…let’s put our heads and hearts together and see how we can grow into being part of the solution.  We also believe that it will be women and youth, who will become the majority “change makers” pushing for the solutions required to get changes adopted and supported sooner by our policy makers and governments.

*Please Note: ALL Sessions are LIVE, no recordings are available at this time.


  • Bessie Schwarz, Co-Founder, Cloud to Street
  • Dr. Maymunah Kadiri, CEO, Pinnacle Medical Services
  • Monique Maissan, CEO, Waste2wear
  • Major General Suzanne P. Vares-Lum, U.S. Indo-Pacific Command