Petra Mayer“Twinning Your Competition: Why 86% of Buyers Can’t See The Difference”

Moderator: Petra Mayer, Founder, Petra Mayer & Associates Consulting, and Global Virtual Chair, GroYourBiz

Hosted By: Women’s Enterprise Organizations of Canada (WEOC) & Women’s Enterprise Centre (WEC)

Your business isn’t as unique as you think. Research shows that buyers don’t see you as different compared to your competitors. This comes out loud and clear when you’re price-shopped, lose the sale to a competitor or worse yet-can’t even get the meeting with the decision makers in the first place! Time-starved buyers don’t have the desire to meet with just one more vendor who does the same thing as their current vendor. There’s a reason why calling more leads or hiring more sales staff isn’t helping grow your business faster. The answer is simple, it’s scientific and it requires very little investment other than a few changes to what you’re already doing to reach out to prospects.

*Please Note: ALL Sessions are LIVE, no recordings are available at this time. This is a fully interactive session where you do your 30-60s elevator pitch and Chala differentiates it on the spot with some laser coaching. Come prepared to turn on your sound and video to participate.

Speaker: Chala Dincoy, CEO & Founder, Coachtactics/The Repositioning Expert