After working as a news reporter and covering many speeches that were often boring and ineffective, Anne Freedman became a speechwriter for local business and community leaders. She quickly realized that how the words were spoken aloud – the delivery — was just as important as the writing. Anne founded her presentation training business, Speakout, Inc., in Miami with a focus on both crafting the message and delivering it with impact and style, helping improve skills and performance for multinationals, executives, salespeople, entrepreneurs, startups, nonprofits and their teams.

  • Why are so many people uncomfortable and often ineffective speaking in front of a group?
  • Are you frustrated that your presentations or speeches do not generate the results you expected?
  • Do your internal meetings produce stress instead of productivity?
  • When you or your team members network, are you making the right connections or losing opportunities for new business?

Speakout provides a proven, individualized process that transforms your words and ideas into more powerfully spoken results.  Let us help you present your expertise and solutions with confidence and clarity before the board of directors, your team, in sales situations, and networking. Choose from Private and Group programs. Habla espanol.

♦ Persuasive communication skills and presentations for leaders, managers and staff
♦ Effective public speaking: Overcoming speaker’s anxiety and replacing it with confidence
♦ Leadership communication techniques, team building with personalized assessments, and problem-solving.

SPECIALTIES: Presentations and Skills Training, Executive Communication, Persuasive Speaking, Public Speaking, Public Speaker, Team Communication, Networking Skills Training, Leadership Communication Training, Executive Coaching, eCourses