Consistently drawn to aligning brand, user experience and financial goals, Catherine Gardiner has spent her career building out sustainable commercial initiatives and moving concepts out of the lab and into the world.  Her broad cross-industry perspective comes from senior strategic marketing and business development roles within various sectors:  technology, wireless, professional services, sport and fitness wearables, environmental, aboriginal wellness, oil and gas, agriculture, and not-for-profits seeking sustainable and scalable revenue options.  Catherine recently spent over a decade immersed in the dynamic world of international innovation. With a Canadian subsidiary of Garmin Ltd, she developed a global brand for an industry-leading wireless protocol and helped foster Business to Business and Business to Consumer partnerships worldwide.  She also positioned disruptive consumer and OEM products (4iiii Innovation) to a global customer base and built a new company (BrightonApps) mandated to commercialize a licensed mobile app for the Canadian market.   Prior to her work in tech, Catherine managed an equally-innovative, grass-roots wellness facilitation initiative sponsored by the Aboriginal Healing Foundation.

Catherine’s current company serves as a champion for businesses intent on positioning their new and mid-size ventures for increased profitability.  Clarity, ease and strategic foundations are at the core of their commercialization offerings.  A life-long volunteer, Catherine intentionally engages with local and international initiatives and is a zealous mentor to students and new grads.  Three ‘wiser-than-me’ children taught Catherine that life and business are not mutually exclusive and keep her committed to living life on the joy side of the ledger.