Dr. Tai Neilson Author of "Journalism and Digital Labor: Experiences of Online News Production"

Dr. Tai Neilson is the author of Journalism and Digital Labor: Experiences of Online News Production and a lecturer in media studies at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Tai’s most recent work investigates the relationship between news media and digital platforms. He considers the changing economic conditions of news production, recent policy reforms, and how to better align digital platforms with democratic values.

Tai’s areas of expertise include journalism, the political economy of digital media, and critical cultural theory. He has published work on journalism and digital media in JournalismTriple-C, Fast Capitalism, and Global Media Journal. This research focuses on journalists’ work practices, professional ideologies, and the power relations that impact their work. This includes critical approaches to digital platforms, data collection, and new modes of capital accumulation that shape media work. Tai is also a co-editor of the book Research Methods for the Digital Humanities

At Macquarie University, Tai teaches classes on media, technology, and news production. He earned his PhD in cultural studies from George Mason University in Virginia. He has an MA in sociology from the New School for Social Research in New York, and a BA (honours) in sociology and media studies from Victoria University of Wellington.