Hadeel, a social entrepreneur with a passion for empowering girls, founded The Alchemist Lab, whose educational center has offered more than 25,000 children in cities, remote villages and refugee camps the skills they need to explore themselves and the world around them with confidence and determination.

Prior to founding The Alchemist Lab, Hadeel worked with youth and found that many reached university confused and unfocused, despite having received a good education.  She felt that they lacked the basic information and skills they needed to make the right decisions and start their own journey. Hadeel created The Alchemist Lab to address gaps in the traditional education system, inspiring a successful generation to be capable of change, empowering girls to turn into confident women and providing fair access to education for vulnerable children in villages and refugee camps.  Their activities connect what children learn at school to the real world and are tailored to children’s developmental needs, providing fun and hands-on experiences.

Hadeel has launched several initiatives, such as “Go Girls!” – a program that encourages girls to think with a STEM and scientific approach. In addition, she launched a 10-minute children’s radio segment called “Everything is Possible”, which aimed to address life challenges and empower children.

Hadeel is a certified life coach and teachers’ trainer on interactive teaching methodologies. She studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Jordan and holds a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Leicester. She is a Vital Voices GROW fellow and has been nominated for various awards, such as Innovation in Education by GESS Middle East 2015 and Business Woman of the Year by AlEtihad Bank.

She established her first company, Ideas for Fun, which focused on science teaching using drama in partnership with a franchise from Spain in 2006.