Julie Hansen Salesforce

As Global Executive Advisor – Office of the CEO Salesforce, Julie Hansen builds trust at executive levels by providing strategic yet pragmatic advice, business value and thought leadership. She brings 20+ years of growth-focused business and technology expertise including 14 years at Salesforce working closely with progressive customers on business transformation growth strategies. This focus has helped shape Salesforce into the $20 Billion growth company it is today.

Julie is a divergent thinker fueled by intense curiosity and a drive to guide companies to be better. Her crossdisciplinary expertise enables her to look at challenges through multiple lenses while focusing on a customer’s strategic priorities to meet stakeholder demands and achieve long term business success. Additionally, she advises leaders striving to incorporate environmental, social and governance benchmarks into their corporate strategies and

periodically speaks to or publishes articles on related topics. Julie holds degrees in Business, Computer Science and Psychology complemented by certificates in Sustainability

Strategy at ASU Institute of Sustainability and Value Chain Management from MIT Sloan. She also holds the Competent Boards Certificate, essential for material corporate board advisory and a Certificate in Sustainable Business Strategy from Harvard. Driven to help others, Julie travels across continents giving back to people, organizations and our planet. She has been on the ground in India, Guatemala and Africa addressing gender inequality, poverty and human trafficking. She is a judge and advisor to a global competition We Empower UN SDG Challenge highlighting purpose-driven business models and she has coached women leaders across 20 countries. Locally, she serves on the board Forward Together, a non-profit focused on advancing equality.

For fun, Julie is both a licensed scuba diver and motorcycle rider. To date, she has dived in the oceans surrounding 8 countries and has safely ridden motorcycles across 7 countries and counting.