Victoria Eastwood

Victoria Eastwood is an Executive Coach who provides executive leadership and team development, addressing issues such as defining and executing on business strategy, creating high-performance teams and developing corporate culture. Victoria became an executive coach to empower leaders and organizations to become truly effective and functional in today’s highly competitive environment. She currently provides coaching services to individual executives as well as executive and Agile teams. 

Previously, Victoria held various positions including as an IT Executive and VP of Development (software).  With over twenty-five years of experience in software development, specializing in program and project management and architecture for large complex projects. Victoria is well versed in Agile and has introduced Agile methodology to various organizations.

Business-oriented with applied experience in software product marketing and sales, business planning, budgeting, software development proposals and resource management.

Successfully directed teams in all phases of software development from inception to delivery for both proprietary and open source business models. Entrepreneurial management style facilitates the creative process of software development.

Managed a variety of projects, including financial systems, e-security, e-commerce solutions, web-based channels, data warehousing (financial and marketing), databases and other technical applications.

Consulted and provided training in all aspects of project management and the development process. A solid foundation in software development processes, management principles, best practices and methodologies (including Agile).